Tenancy Contract Renewal Template Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to renewing a tenancy contract in Dubai, tenants and landlords alike need to make sure that they follow the rules and regulations set by Dubai`s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). One way to ensure compliance is by using a tenancy contract renewal template that is specifically designed for Dubai.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about tenancy contract renewals in Dubai, including the importance of using a relevant template and the key features to look for.

Why Use a Tenancy Contract Renewal Template for Dubai?

A tenancy contract renewal template for Dubai can help both landlords and tenants save time and avoid costly mistakes. It ensures that all the important details are included, and that the contract adheres to the legal requirements set by RERA.

Some of the benefits of using a tenancy contract renewal template for Dubai include:

– Ensuring that the contract complies with RERA regulations

– Saving time and effort by not having to create a contract from scratch

– Reducing the risk of errors and omissions

– Providing a clear and concise overview of the terms and conditions of the lease

– Establishing a professional and trustworthy relationship between the landlord and tenant

What to Look for in a Tenancy Contract Renewal Template for Dubai

When selecting a tenancy contract renewal template for Dubai, it`s important to keep in mind the specific legal requirements that apply to tenancy agreements in the city. Some of the key features to look for in a template include:

1. Clear Identification of the Parties Involved

The template should clearly identify the names and addresses of both the landlord and the tenant, as well as any authorized representatives.

2. Detailed Description of the Property

The template should include a detailed description of the property being leased, including its location, size, and any special features or amenities.

3. Renewal Terms

The renewal terms should be clearly stated, including the length of the renewal period, the start and end dates, and any changes in the rent amount or payment schedule.

4. Rent Amount and Payment Schedule

The template should clearly state the amount of rent, how it will be paid (e.g. monthly, quarterly), and any late payment penalties or fees.

5. Security Deposit

The template should specify the amount of the security deposit, how it will be paid and refunded, and any conditions for withholding all or part of the deposit.

6. Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities

The template should outline each party`s responsibilities for maintenance and repairs, including any specific requirements or limitations.

7. Termination and Renewal Options

The template should clearly outline the circumstances under which the tenant or landlord may terminate or renew the lease, as well as any notice requirements.

8. Legal and Regulatory Requirements

The template should be designed to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements set by RERA and other authorities.


Renewing a tenancy contract in Dubai can be a straightforward process if both parties use a tenancy contract renewal template that complies with RERA regulations. By ensuring that the contract includes all the important details and outlines each party`s responsibilities, landlords and tenants can establish a strong and trustworthy relationship that benefits everyone involved.