If you are an IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) provider, it is important that you understand the IHSS Program Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846) and its significance.

The SOC 846 form is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions under which a provider may participate in the IHSS program. It sets forth the responsibilities of the provider and the expectations of the recipient. The SOC 846 is required for all IHSS providers, including those who are self-employed, hired by the recipient, or employed by a provider agency.

The purpose of the SOC 846 is to ensure that IHSS providers are aware of their responsibilities and obligations to recipients and the State of California. The agreement covers a range of topics, including the provider’s duties, payment rates, and record-keeping requirements.

One of the most important provisions in the SOC 846 is the provider’s obligation to provide services in a “timely, responsible, and professional manner.” This includes maintaining accurate records of the services provided and reporting any changes in the recipient’s condition to the county. Providers must also adhere to the IHSS program’s requirements for billing and payment.

The SOC 846 also outlines the payment rates for IHSS services, which vary depending on the type of service provided and the recipient’s location. Providers are required to agree to these payment rates as a condition of participating in the IHSS program.

In addition to these obligations, the SOC 846 also covers the provider’s responsibilities related to the recipient’s safety and security. Providers are required to report any suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the recipient to the county and to take appropriate steps to prevent such incidents from occurring.

In conclusion, the IHSS Program Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846) is an important legal document that outlines the duties and obligations of IHSS providers. It serves to ensure that providers understand their responsibilities and to protect the safety and well-being of IHSS recipients. As an IHSS provider, it is essential that you review and understand the terms of the SOC 846 and comply with its provisions.